About us


Our company was founded with the aim of helping clients with everyday problems they face when working on their computers. Our services range from providing guidance on how to choose the equipment that will suit both your needs and your budget, to making changes in your favourite apps that are introduced by ICT industry on a day-to-day basis and whose purpose or use you might not be fully familiar with.

Most of our clients come to us with the following story:

Our company is growing, we have expanded the scope of our services and products, so now, due to the lack of free time and the increased business as well as and the demands we did not school for, we need someone reliable to help us with the increased workloads.


What kind of services do we offer to our clients?

Our experienced and highly-trained employees and partners will help you with the different problems in ICT you might have, ranging from hardware sizing to providing advice on how to safely process data on a daily basis, or the issues of granting permission and access to employees as well as employee training and development. In this day and age, when the amount of data gets doubled on a yearly basis, when it is getting more challenging to provide the space for all the data, to store, classify and protect it, and because of the time pressure involved in solving all these issues, you can rely on our highly-skilled employees to offer you the most efficient solutions and the least time-consuming options.


Also, if you are unsure whether implementing apps you think might be useful for your everyday business activities might jeopardize your system or whether it might not be in consistence with legal regulations, MD11 team and our partners offer pilot projects that will help you decide whether these apps would be the right choice for you.

Due to the rapid changes in ICT, we have decided to offer our clients modular solutions, which will ensure that the initial investment does not burden our client’s annual budget or that the new technologies do not take too much time to get to know and efficiently implement among the employees. The majority of the apps we offer can be paid for in monthly or yearly instalments, with the option of further increasing or decreasing the scope of the service to suit our client’s needs.

We are interested in working with both private and state companies to form public-private partnerships, finding areas for cooperation in ICT as well as other areas of mutual interest. If you are interested in our services and would like to learn more about some of our solutions, please contact us.

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