PowerEdge MX5016s Storage Sled

Dense, highly flexible storage sled

Product Message

Consolidate compute, storage and networking in one trusted platform.

Positioning: Scale dynamically with direct-attached storage designed to address evolving workloads within the PowerEdge MX architecture

Key Fact: The full-height, single-width MX5016s offers easy front access to quickly swap and add up to 16 2.5” HDDs or SSDs, scaling-out to 7 MX5016s sleds and 112 drives in one MX7000 chassis.

PowerEdge MX5016s

Product Positioning

Target Customers

• Mid-sized customers to large enterprises and organizations.


• Software-defined storage like VMware vSAN.
• Databases such as SQL and ERP.
• Dense virtualization workloads.

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

• Keeping up with the demands of ever growing data.
• Needs performance and capacity scalability.
• Existing infrastructure that is unable to keep up with business and customer demands.

Product Advantages

• Map individual drives to two-socket MX740c and four-socket MX840c servers.
• Assign the appropriate ratios of compute, storage and networking, then adapt as workloads change.
• Customize your direct-attached SAS environment with PERC and HBA storage controller options.
• Help ensure uptime with dual port 12Gb SAS, hot-pluggable drives and hot serviceable expanders.
• Simplify lifecycle management with a single interface that allows you to deploy, monitor and update.

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