PowerEdge MX7000 Modular Chassis

Modular 7U chassis for PowerEdge MX kinetic infrastructure

Product Message

Dynamically scale and respond to changing needs

Positioning: Hardware foundation of the PowerEdge MX, designed from the ground up for kinetic infrastructure.

Key Fact: Uniquely designed to support new processor technologies, new storage types and fabric advances well into the future.

PowerEdge MX7000

Product Positioning

Target Customers

Dell EMC M1000e installed base or former customers.
• HPE Synergy and BladeSystem installed base; this is estimated to be thousands of customers representing $10B in hardware.
• Cisco UCS installed base; this is estimated to be thousands of customers representing $8B in aging Cisco hardware.
• Customers exploring a modular form factor with ability to integrate traditional rack servers into single architecture.


• Customers looking for common infrastructure that optimizes both traditional and emerging workloads.
• Customers considering a softwaredefined modern architecture such as VMware vSAN.
• Customers looking for cloud-like velocity and serviceability with speed, reliability and security of on-premises.

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

• Scalability – meeting unknown demands with existing infrastructure investments.
• Uptime – maintaining reliable infrastructure, minimizing/ eliminating significant business impacts.
• Management – enabling daily management and IT operations that is simple, scalable and secure.
• Security – keeping infrastructure secure from both internal and external threats as they emerge.

Product Advantages

• Support for at least 3 future generation of server processor technologies.
• Unique no midplane design; direct compute to I/O module connectivity means zero throughput limitations and streamlines future technology upgrades without operation disruption.
• Low-latency, cost efficient end-to-end 25Gb Ethernet; ready for 400GbE and beyond.
• Unique chassis airflow to support storagerich, full-feature compute sleds, now and into future, via 2 separate cooling zones with 5 rear and 4 front fans.
• 14G security designed-in, not bolted on.

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