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DLP Audio Video Monitoring

SecureTower provides users with audio video monitoring tools that allow to listen to the audio stream from PC audio device (connected microphone) or system audio, and watch the video stream from a user monitor or webcamera in real-time mode according to the system access rights. Herewith, playback of auto records of the monitoring results is available.

Starting monitoring

The Users list bar of the window contains the list of workstation with associated users. The list contains users which monitoring can be carried out according to the access rights. In the Modes column the audiomonitoring and videomonitoring states are displayed in accordance to the agent settings profile.

To start monitoring:

To establish connection with the user workstation, double-click the row related to a necessary user in the user list. Connection to the necessary workstation will be established. The built-in media player window will appear next to the user list panel.

DLP Audio Video Monitoring

Monitoring activity of several users simultaneously

One can monitor activity of several users in the parallel mode.The new player window tab will be opened for every new user.

If you have more than one media player window open, use the arrangement button on the window toolbar to specify the way the windows appear in the viewing area.

DLP Audio Video Monitoring

Recording and viewing records

The system records audio and video from controlled workstation in auto mode in accordance with created scheduler if specified (for more information, see the Audio/video monitoring chapter of the Administrator Guide ).

Real-time recording in manual mode is available for audio and video streams monitoring results as well using the client console.

Auto recorded monitoring results are stored on the server. The audio and video records from user workstation are available for playback using the major media player (in some cases an additional codec is required).

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