iDRAC Features and Benefits



Telemetry Streaming

Perform deep analysis of server telemetry including CPU, GPU, SFP IO, power, thermals storage, networking, memory and more. Requires iDRAC9 Datacenter license.

Thermal Manage

Customize thermal and airflow management at the rack and server level. Requires iDRAC9 Datacenter license.

Automatic Certificate Enrollment

Automatic SSL certificate enrollment and renewal of the iDRAC self-signed certificated with a trusted CA certificate. Requires iDRAC9 Datacenter license.

Zero touch deployment and provisioning

Automatically configure PowerEdge servers when they are initially connected to your network. This process uses a Server Configuration Profile to set hardware, update firmware, and install OS. Requires iDRAC9 Enterprise or Datacenter license.

Virtual Clipboard

Provides ease in the HTML5 vConsole. Users can copy text/passwords to local clipboard and paste into remote console view. Requires iDRAC9 Datacenter license.

Connection View – LLDP Transmit

Transmit LLDP for iDRAC auto-discovery via L2 switches requires iDRAC9 Enterprise or Datacenter license. The iDRAC can also display switch and port information. Available with all iDRAC9 licenses.

System Lockdown

Helps to prevent configuration or firmware changes to a server when using Dell tools. Requires iDRAC Enterprise or Datacenter License.

BIOS Recovery

Detect an invalid, untrusted BIOS image when a boot is attempted and recover to an authenticated, trusted BIOS image.


With this API, iDRAC enables support for the Redfish standard and enhances it with Dell extensions.

Cipher Select

Cipher Select is an advanced user setting where the user can choose to block undesired ciphers negotiated by iDRAC, providing increased security.

OpenManage Mobile and Quick Sync 2

Use the OpenManage Mobile 2.0 (or higher) app on your handheld device to securely retrieve critical health data and easily perform bare-metal server configuration tasks via BLE/Wi-Fi connectivity. Compatible with various iOS and Android devices.

System Erase

With proper authentication, administrators can securely erase data from local storage (HDDs, SSDs, NVMes).

iDRAC Direct

Secure front-panel USB connection to iDRAC web interface, which eliminates the need for crash carts or a trip to the hot aisle of your data center. You can use the same port to insert a USB key to upload new system profile for secure, rapid system configuration.

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