Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)

About iDRAC

The integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC9) with Lifecycle Controller delivers advanced, agent-free, local and remote server administration. Embedded in every PowerEdge server, iDRAC9 provides a secure means to automate a multitude of common management tasks. Because iDRAC is embedded in every PowerEdge server, there is no additional software to install; just plug in power and network cables, and iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller is ready to go. Even before installing an operating system (OS) or hypervisor, IT administrators have a complete set of server management features at their fingertips—Maximize storage performance with up to 12 NVMe drives and ensure application performance scales easily.

With iDRAC9 in place across the Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio, the same IT administration techniques and tools can be applied throughout. This consistent management platform allows easy scaling of PowerEdge servers as an organization’s infrastructure needs to grow. Customers will be able to use the iDRAC RESTful API for the latest in scalable administration methods of PowerEdge servers. With this API, iDRAC enables support for the Redfish standard and enhances it with Dell EMC extensions to optimize at-scale management of PowerEdge servers. Regardless of size, the entire OpenManage portfolio of Systems Management tools allows every customer to tailor an effective, affordable solution for their environment.

iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller provides PowerEdge servers with advanced embedded systems management, enabling key server management tasks including deploy, configure, update, maintain, diagnose, repurpose and retire.

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