PowerEdge C4140

Ultra-dense, accelerator optimized Server

Product Message

AI focused, ultra-dense platform with the latest accelerated optimized technology

Positioning: The PowerEdge C4140 is an ultra-dense, accelerator optimized 1U rack server platform designed for cognitive and technical computing workloads

Key Fact: It is ideal for applications that need accelerated computing (GPU / FPGA) such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning

PowerEdge C4140

Product Positioning

Target Customers

Customers looking to maximize
performance, scalability and efficiency for workloads such as:
• AI / DL / ML / HPC
• Life Sciences
• Financial Services
• Oil and Gas Exploration


• Customers seeking acceleration computing for increasing intensive applications
• Increasing density and flexibility for AI/ML/DL/HPC customers seeking higher performance and better efficiency
• Existing customers transitioning from PowerEdge C4130

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

• Insufficient performance and/or capacity to support growing AI/HPC computational complexity
• Limited flexibility in scaling up and out for HPC applications especially for DL/ML applications
• Lack of dedicated, skilled design/application engineers for AI / HPC

Product Advantages

  • Unthrottled performance with unique interleaved GPU with two Intel Xeon SP processors with 4 NVIDIA GPUs or FPGA (Post RTS
  • 24 DDR4 DIMM slots, supports up to 1.5TB * maximum memory
  • Dual 2400W PSU provides redundancy for high availability systems with 4 accelerators
  • Enhancing low latency performance for today’s most advanced HDR networks using two X16 low profile PCIe slots along with four accelerators
  • Advanced management and scripting support with integrated iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller

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