PowerEdge R540

Built for versatility and value

Product Message

Optimize for workloads with incredible local storage flexibility and capacity

Positioning: The Intel Xeon Scalable Processor powered PowerEdge R540 delivers the ideal balance of resources and affordability to adapt to a variety of application demands.

Key Fact: Balanced set of resources, expandability and affordability the R540 adapts to data center demands with a value optimized design.

PowerEdge R540

Product Positioning

Target Customers

• Mid-range general application and collaboration applications (Exchange, Lync, SharePoint)
• Web tech storage server
• Video streaming, video surveillance
• Backup server & SDS


• Mid-range collaboration applications
(Exchange, Lync, SharePoint)
• Large capacity of internal storage used for backups, video surveillance, video streaming

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

• Needs high capacity storage and does not need the performance of NVMe drives
• Need a value priced server that has good performance and scalability but not the top performance of R740xd
• Using 3.5” HDD’s for capacity storage

Product Advantages

  • Up to 14 3.5” drives, 196TB max capacity.
  • Scale compute resources with 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
  • Max of 1TB* of memory
  • 27% more processing cores and 50% more bandwidth with Xeon®SP vs Xeon®E5 v4.
  • Embedded SupportAssist for faster, automated issue diagnosis and remediation.
  • Cryptographically signed firmware packages and Secure Boot ensures data safety.
  • Security lockdown that protects your server configuration and firmware (BIOS, iDRAC & RAID) from malicious changes.
  • Utilzing the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processor with up to 28 compute cores, increased memory bandwidth with six memory channels and I/O improvements of 48 lanes for significant increase in PCIe bandwidth.

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