PowerEdge R6515

High density for scale out workloads

Product Message

Positioning: The Dell EMC PowerEdge R6515 Rack Server is a dense single-socket 1U rack server delivering peak performance and excellent TCO.

Key Fact: Dual-Socket performance in a single-socket 1U rack design.

PowerEdge R6515

Product Positioning

Target Customers

Customers looking for accelerated compute to maximize performance in a dense, scalable server architecture to address the following applications:
• Virtualization
• hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI)
• Network Functions Virtualization
(NFV) with OpenStack for Telco


• Business-critical workloads Virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), and NFV with OpenStack Ready Architecture applicable for Telco
• Customers seeking for dense single-socket 1U rack server with high performance and lower CTO especially on licensing cost (per socket)

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

• Desire optimal TCO for licensing cost with single socket, but need more core counts and faster data transfer speed to process data and meet workload application requirement
• Low latency HCI requirement at optimal TCO
• Limitation on expanding concurrent VMs without increasing datacenter footprint

Product Advantages

  • Maximized performance and density with up to 64 cores in a single socket system
  • More and faster memory with up to 10 x NVMe drives – Up to 4x 3.5” Hot Plug SAS/SATA HDD; Up to 10x 2.5” Hot Plug SAS/SATA/NVMe; Up to 8x 2.5” Hot plug SAS/SATA
  • Lower latency with up to 2 PCIe; 1 x Gen 3 and 1 x Gen 4 PCIe
  • Accelerate data analytics/VDI performance with Up 2 Single-Wide GPU (T4)
  • Advanced management and scripting support with integrated iDRAC9 and Redfish API

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