PowerEdge R740

General purpose workhorse optimized for workload acceleration

Product Message

Tremendous functional flexibility

Positioning: Workhorse for demanding environments providing the ideal balance between storage, I/O and application acceleration

Key Fact: Maximized application performance and acceleration with up to 3 300W acceleration cards in a 2U/2S platform

PowerEdge R740

Product Positioning

Target Customers

• Best in class virtualization, cloud apps, Web tech, HPC, XaaS providers
• Excellent desktop virtualization server with I/O optimized for VDI scalability
• HPC compute engine – balanced performance, extensive storage and support of GPU or FPGA accelerators


• Running cloud applications or web tech
• Consolidating applications from multiple servers via virtualization
• Consolidating desktops to centralize control with a VDI solution
• Running midsized to large applications with large storage back ends
• Midrange medical imaging (remote clinic)

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

• Running up against processing limits of older generation servers – need more memory and CPU performance
• Looking for more expandability and consolidation from their current solution
• Looking for an ideal VDI solution or cloud applications or HPC

Product Advantages

  • Supports up to 3 double width or 6 singlewidth GPUs or up to 3 double-width or 3 single-width FPGAs for imaging applications or HPC environments
  • Drive data-intensive workloads with up to 7.68TB of memory (Intel® OptaneDC persistent memory 6.14TB + 1.54TB of LRDIMMs)
  • Scale compute resources with up to two 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors
  • Embedded SupportAssist for faster, automated issue diagnosis and remediation
  • Cryptographically signed firmware packages and Secure Boot ensures data safety

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