PowerEdge R7515

Powerful performance and scalability

Product Message

1 socket server that performs like a 2 socket

Positioning: The Dell EMC PowerEdge R7515 Rack Server is a highly scalable Single socket 2U rack server that delivers performance and
outstanding TCO.
Key Fact: One 2 nd Generation AMD EPYC™ with up to 24 NVMe drives, 2TB memory and 128 PCIe lanes, the R7515 can easily scale up to meet
application demands.

Product Positioning

Target Customers

Customers looking for accelerated compute to maximize performance in a dense, scalable server architecture to address the following applications:
• Virtualization
• Data Analytics


• Business critical workloads Virtualization,
• Software Defined Storage (SDS), and Data Analytics
• Customers seeking for a highly scalable dense single socket 1U rack server with high performance and lower CTO especially on licensing cost (per socket)

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

Desire optimal TCO for licensing cost with single socket, but need more core counts and faster data transfer speed to process data and meet workload application requirement
• Need solutions that are highly scalable for future workloads
• Limitation on processing data analytics speed without GPU option

Product Advantages

• Up to 24 2.5” SAS/SATA/ NVMe drives or up 12 x 3.5” SAS/SATA HDDs 14 x more NVMe * drives than the R6515
• Maximized performance and density with up to 64 cores in a single socket system
• Lower latency with up to 4 PCIe; 2 x Gen 3 and 2 x Gen 4 PCIe
• Accelerate data analytics/VDI performance with Up to 4 Single Wide GPU(T4); Up to 1 Full Height FPGA
• Advanced management and scripting support with integrated iDRAC9 and Redfish API

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