PowerEdge R940

Engineered to optimize application performance

Product Message

Ideal foundation for mission critical, enterprise applications

Positioning: Specifically designed to reliably run enterprise applications, maximize performance and flexibly scale to meet demands.

Key Fact: With its enormous embedded resources, the R940 is the optimal server to maximize IOPS, transactions and significantly reduce latency while minimizing software licensing costs.

PowerEdge R940

Product Positioning

Target Customers

Designed specifically for large enterprises, the PowerEdge R940 server delivers tremendous flexibility across performance-hungry workloads. Innovative technologies accelerate business outcomes today and modernizing IT infrastructure for tomorrow.
The R940 fits across all verticals as customers embrace analytics and business intelligence initiatives.


• In-memory databases – SAP Hana, Oracle 12C, SQL 2014
• Unix to Linux migration
• Standalone Oracle and SQL databases
• Large SAN’s or large scale virtualization

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

• Keeping up with the transaction and analytical demands of ever growing data and proliferation of disparate databases
• Legacy infrastructure unable to meet demands of the business and unable to run latest innovative applications like in-memory databases

Product Advantages

  • Maximize application performance with the perfect blend of performance and scalability: #1 World Record Performance SAP Hana (BW-AML benchmark)
  • Saving significant cost and reducing TCO with simplified and streamlined lifecycle management processes management and one to many capabilities: 99% reduction in deployment time
  • Harness industry leading internal storage scalability and memory capacity to accelerate workloads: 10X more I/O than traditional HDD’s
  • 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, 28 cores
  • 48 DIMMS DDR4, up to 15.36TB max with Intel® OptaneDC persistent memory, up to 12 NVDIMMs, 384GB max
  • Up to 12 NVDIMM’s
  • Up to 24 2.5” drives with up to 12 NVMe SSD’s
  • Internal M.2 boot drives

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