PowerEdge T140

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Product Message

Designed for budget-conscious, growing businesses

Positioning: The PowerEdge T140 is the easy to use, safe, and practical entry-level one-socket server for your growing business.

Key Fact: The Dell EMC PowerEdge T140 is designed for budget-conscious growing businesses looking for an easy to use and secure server to meet their needs.

PowerEdge T140

Product Positioning

Target Customers

Ideal for small business and service providers seeking an affordable 1U tower server that is easy to install, manage, and deploy.


  • Affordable server that improves your organization and productivity.
  • Upgrade from your PC and the Public Cloud.
  • Tackle primary workloads more efficiently like file and print, point of sale, and mail and messaging.

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

  • Manage expenses – stay within budget by leveraging technology innovations.
  • Deliver business results – need to focus on improving productivity.
  • Enhance the journey for customers and employees by reducing IT complexities.

Product Advantages

  • Work more efficiently with improved performance due to 50% more cores with Intel® Xeon® E2200 processors, 11% increase in memory speed, and 20% more PCIe lanes.
  • Keep your data safe with software RAID by saving your data automatically.
  • Protect your server from malicious changes with iDRAC9 Enterprise Server Lockdown mode.
  • Get set up as much as 66% faster with our ProDeploy suite of services.
  • Resolve issues with up to 72% less IT effort using automated proactive and predictive technology from ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist.

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