PowerEdge T640

Versatile, scalable and powerful

Product Message

Maximum performance and expandability

Positioning: The Intel Xeon Scalable Processor powered PowerEdge T640 delivers ultimate two-socket performance and massive Internal storage capacity in a rack or tower platform.

Key Fact: Accelerate diverse workloads and futureproof your data center with flexible storage, GPU, NVMe and I/O options.

Product Positioning

Target Customers

  • Large SMB customers
  • Departments and ROBO of large enterprises and organizations
  • Data centers


  • Large capacity storage inside the chassis and options for external storage (Consolidation, database, business analytics and intelligence, SDS)
  • Advanced graphical options for workload acceleration (Virtualization and applications and imaging for medical, finance, education and science)

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

  • Insufficient capacity to support diverse workloads for growing number of employees
  • No space or budget for external storage and no slots to add more GPU’s in current server
  • Current systems management takes too much time and is too complex

Product Advantages

  • Address massive data growth with up to 8 or 18 x 3.5″ or up to 16 or 32 x 2.5″ drives and 8 PCIe slots for future expansion
  • Provide advanced imaging and VDI with up to 4 x 300W GPU accelerators.
  • Deliver fast insights with up to 8 NVMe drives and 2 x 10GbE connections. (Double the NVMe drives and 10x faster Ethernet ports than T630*)
  • Intelligent automation to save time and integrated security to ensure server protected throughout its lifecycle
  • Utilzing the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processor with up to 28 compute cores, increased memory bandwidth with six memory channels and I/O improvements of 48 lanes for significant increase in PCIe bandwidth.

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