PowerEdge XE2420

Specialty Server for the Edge

Product Message

Low Latency & High Performance for Harsh Environments

Positioning: Ideal edge server for harsh computing environments

Key Fact: A short-depth, front-accessible, dual-socket 2U server that can support up to 4 accelerators and up to 132TB of dense flash

PowerEdge XE2420

Product Positioning

Target Customers

  • TELCO customers considering 5G, Multiaccess Edge Computing, CDN, vRAN, etc.
  • Customers with Retail Applications such as surveillance analytics, point-of-sale analytics, IoT analytics
  • Customers with manufacturing and logistics operations who need to aggregate & analyze large ops data.


• Smart Stores
• Retail Analytics
• 5 G Cell processing
• NFV Support
• MEC Implementation
• Plant Automation
• Smart supply chain
• IoT Analytics

Customer Challenges / Pain Points

  • Want low latency on real-time / near real-time applications
  • Want high performance compute node in a compact footprint
  • Need high reliability and robust security in harsh environments
  • Low touch management and easy maintenance

Product Advantages

  • High-performance, high-capacity server for demanding workloads at the edge
  • System Management designed for the edge with a front-accessible I/O & power for easy serviceability
  • iDRAC Datacenter provides deep insight with streaming (telemetry), new monitoring metrics, customized thermal and airflow mgmt. (optional)
  • Integrated Security with Cyber Resilient Architecture that includes real-time firmware scanning for malicious attacks & SSL certificate management
  • Equipped with 2S Intel Xeon CPUs with support up to four GPUs & up to four 2.5” SSDs and impressive dense flash storage options

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