Manage effortlessly with OpenManage system management solutions

Many IT organizations are dealing with increased workloads and decreased budgets. Under these conditions, IT professionals often have less time and fewer resources. It is critical for IT professionals to work smarter. Dell EMC provide tools to help you manage IT effortlessly.


  • Integrated Security

Dell EMC, OpenManage systems management solutions, help secure your infrastructure from end-to-end. Integrated security features for PowerEdge servers, start at the factory, with an immutable, silicon-based root-of-trust. Also, Dell EMC is vigilant in addressing new threats as they arise, integrating cutting-edge security features into the systems and sub-systems of every server and software program to help ensure your systems stay secure and up-to-date without interruption.

  • Predictable Change

Support your change management strategy with OpenManage systems management solutions. Using the family of change management tools, you can plan updates and seamlessly implement them through guided menus, zero-touch configurations and scripting. OpenManage systems management solutions help make change predictable so that you can expect consistent outcomes and worry-free results.

  • Elegant Control

With OpenManage systems management, you can manage the full lifecycle of your infrastructure with a family of seamless solutions that put control of your infrastructure at your fingertips.

  • Intelligent Automation

The intelligent automation capabilities of the OpenManage software portfolio enable cooperation between human actions and system capabilities. Thresholds can be predefined and actions set to run automatically based on your inputs. With intelligent automation, your team is more productive and you can focus on strategic tasks.


The Dell EMC OpenManage Systems Management Solutions Portfolio

The Dell EMC OpenManage systems management solutions portfolio provides full-lifecycle management of PowerEdge servers and associated infrastructure. The foundational technologies are the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) and the OpenManage Enterprise console. These innovations, together with the remainder of the portfolio, provide one of the most comprehensive server deployment and management solutions in the industry.


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