What’s New in iDRAC9 v4.0

iDRAC Datacenter License

  • A new license called iDRAC9 Datacenter offers advanced features that target the management needs of typical datacenters (starting with the Q4CY19 iDRAC9 release)
  • Includes all iDRAC Enterprise features
  • iDRAC9 Enterprise will still be offered as before with some enhancements

New Features in iDRAC9 Datacenter

  • Telemetry Streaming of hardware metrics and status for Analytics ─20+ new Metric Reports for streaming data via Rsyslog or Redfish SSE
  • New monitoring metrics (GPU, Serial Data Log, SFP+ Optical Network Interfaces)
  • Customizable thermal and airflow management in PowerEdge servers for optimizing datacenter power policies
  • Advanced Automated Security ─Automatic Certificate Enrollment for auto-renewal and deployment of iDRAC9 SSL certificates
  • Virtual Clipboard for ease of use in remote console operation ─Copy text/passwords to local clipboard and paste into remote console view

Datacenter Management Needs

  • Telemetry streaming data for analytics to optimize and automate IT operations
  • Thermal and power customization for optimizing facilities operations and costs
  • Scalable and automated infrastructure security
  • Best remote management experience for easier problem diagnosis and remediation

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