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work from home technology

In the new situation when most managers face the problem of how to provide technology to employees to work from home, we use the opportunity to introduce you to some of the solutions that can help overcome this problem.

We have divided the technological solutions we propose into two main groups:

  • standard computers (desktop or laptop) and
  • virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Both solutions, depending on the built-in components, can be intended for all employees and based on the work they perform (C-level, managers, developers, operators).

In order to speed up the start-up process, facilitate the monitoring and maintenance of equipment and applications installed on them, user can request delivery of already reconfigured equipment to the employee’s home address with the possibility of support from the equipment and software manufacturer.

In order to ensure security of access to company data from remote locations and their retrieval, as well as records in data centers, applications are provided that guarantee secure data transfer that is encrypted before transfer, as well as solutions that preventively reduce the possibility of bottlenecks in network infrastructure to access the resources of an increased number of employees.

solution ecosystem

An additional possibility of efficient, safe and timely operation of the company in the current conditions is the possibility of renting resources in the cloud structure of the brand, which shifts the entire burden of building and maintaining infrastructure to the service provider, and thus focuses the company and its employees on work tasks in their job description.

which can offer a complete solution.

We are

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work from home technology
work from home technology


Thousands of Dell Technologies employees have been working at home for more than a decade. To socially distance our employees, our IT teams have increased the number of global team members working remotely to 120,000.

5 Questions to ask about
enabling a Remote Workspace

1. How do I get the majority of my people who are now working from home productive as quickly as possible?

Most users do not need specialty software with high-end workstations and special access to sensitive company information.

2. How do I enable critical remote workers who handle lots of sensitive information and need lots of computing horsepower?

With virtual desktops and applications, you can enable remote workers to be more productive and keep data secure while streamlining IT costs and management.

3. How do I make sure that all this remote equipment and data is secure?

Carbon Black Security Cloud
Deploy centralized management to new laptops and upgrade existing laptops to prevent threats, offer actionable insights, and help your employees operate more effectively.

4. How can I guarantee high levels of network performance for critical workers?

SD-WAN delivers reliable, high-performance, home or branch access to cloud services, private data centers, and SaaS-based applications – without relying on the corporate network.

5. How can I scale my data center for the remote workforce – without workers onsite?

Dell Technologies Cloud
Dell Technologies Cloud can help you scale your data center to support remote workers while keeping onsite resources to a minimum.

How we can help?

Remote work
  • Making sure employees get the right device they need for their jobs, preloaded with the apps they need, shipped directly to them, and managed centrally with Workspace ONE.
  • Giving those critical workers extra access they need to hardware resources, and direct/secure access to the data they need through streaming virtual apps and desktops.
  • Securing these endpoint devices with a next generation security platform in Carbon Black.
  • Bolster those edge network access points with a software-defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN, ostensibly extending the corporate network to your edge appliances.
  • And lastly, solving the challenges of IT scaling with a Dell Technologies Cloud solution, providing an ease of deployment of new resources, with a single consistent management view of all your various cloud deployments.

It’s not just about endpoint


Ecosystem of devices, applications, infrastructure, professionals, networking, etc, that all must be scaled high level, the various systems and areas solved a number of these challenges


Right device, right software, right settings: corporately owned physical device or corporately managed virtual desktop experience or some combination of the two.
Cost, security and performance.


Depend on the nature of the data, applications, and industry >
VPN, full end-to-end encryption, highly prioritized network traffic, sign into a web portal.


Load balancers and sufficient network infrastructure to handle the massive increase in traffic.
We have the data center and infrastructure itself.
Scale up and scale down.


How do I scale my systems in the data center when I can’t have any employees in my office to do it?
Unique challenges.

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